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How The Right Neighborhood Can Make You Happier

As we learn more about what contributes to a happy life in general, it is clear that our thinking should include more than property value and aesthetics when it comes to buying a new home. The social and civic connections that a neighborhood offers are just as important and can have a significant impact to your return on investment.

Richmond Hill understands the need for a tightly knit social fabric in their neighborhoods and how it improves overall quality of life. Recently, they held a public safety day which had an attendance rate in the thousands. Local public safety professionals disseminated vital information about fire prevention, crime awareness, emergency response and keeping children safe. Even smoke detector installation was paid for by the city for those who needed them in their homes.

Living in an environment where you feel supported by the community is more than a nice to have footnote. It can have a profound effect on how much enjoyment you get from your purchase and also its future return should you ever want to sell it. Essentially, your connectivity with those around you has a fundamental influence on your personal happiness.

Somewhat of a skeptic? The Harvard Study of Adult Development is an excellent example of how relationships of all types impact your quality of life. The study tracked the lives of 724 subjects over a an unprecedented length of 75 years. It is perhaps one of the longest studies on adult life ever done. A group of teenagers in 1938 were monitored through the course of their lives to examine all facets of their well being like home life, health and work. Among the many insightful conclusions they discovered, one essential fact was consistent:

“It turns out that people who are more socially connected to family, to friends, to community, are happier. They’re physically healthier and they live longer than people who are less well connected.”

The study went on to explain that it is also the quality of these relationships that matter the most. Having systems in place that bring people together in meaningful ways is more conducive to happiness than how many people you know on facebook. Neighborhoods in Richmond Hill like the Mulberry Garden Club appreciate that a neighborhood is more than separate lots of land with nice houses on them. They aim to foster a better place to live where people feel safe, connected and supported.

Watch this TED Talk from the Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. Then call us now to learn more about Richmond Hill and all the listings we have.