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Do Recession Proof Homes Exist?

Do Recession Proof Homes Exist - Maureen Bryant REMAX Savannah

Do Recession Proof Homes Exist? Buying a home is a huge investment. People spend years saving for a sizable downpayment, usually aiming for 20% to avoid paying mortgage insurance.  A huge chunk of time is spent on researching different housing markets.  During the process, homebuyers examine local factors that will ultimately either drive value into…

2019 Savannah Housing Market

Savannah Housing Market - Maureen Bryant

2019 Savannah Housing Market The housing market can be full of ups-and-downs, but due to a tremendous growth in the city’s economy, the Savannah housing market has reaped some serious benefits for both buyers and sellers.   Savannah-Specific This USA Today article describes Savannah as incredibly affordable for such a well-known historic district. And, despite…