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3 Steps to Follow When Buying a Home

Looking to buy a home? It is important to be smart and vigilant in your search, and using the advice below will take the headache out of a very exciting process in your life!

Get Approved For Financing
Before you even begin your search, it is important to determine what you can afford as nothing is worse than falling in love with a home out of your budget! Shopping around for a mortgage you can afford means having to talk to many different lenders to choose the right financing option available for your lifestyle. Make sure to get a pre-approval letter from your bank in order to have proof of your deal.

Search the Internet
The Internet is an incredibly helpful tool in helping homebuyers find their perfect first home, as research shows that a whopping 92% of Americans use the Internet in their searches. Among the buyers who used the Internet for their home searches, 87% found detailed photos and information about each different property useful in sparking their interest in visiting a home. Using the Internet will also supply you with more real estate listings, persuading homebuyers to extend their search and view more houses.

The Internet also provides transparency with exactly what you are getting yourself into when buying a house. These listings will provide information on some of the hidden features of the house including plumbing and sewer lines, electricity, and other potential deal breakers like sump pumps. So, if you are looking to avoid renovations, keep your eyes peeled for things that may raise a red flag.

Contact a Trusted Real Estate Agent
There are multiple real estate services eager to help you find your perfect home. A recent poll shows that 78% of recent homebuyers found their real estate agent to be a useful source in locating exactly what they wanted. Look for someone who is active in your neighborhood, works full time, closes many sales per year, and has experience in selling houses like yours. Just as doctors are specialists, real estate agents hold specific training in courses such as handling residential real estate, representing buyers in transactions, and/or help specific demographics of people.

Your agent should always feel trustworthy as they will be responsible for providing you a happy house for years to come!

With these easy steps under your belt, you’ll soon be living in your dream house in just a few weeks!