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Staging Tips On How To Sell Your Home Fast

Snagging a potential buyer rests on how you stage your home. People want to be able to see how the furniture makes the room look cozy, spacious, or classy. They want to be able to picture themselves living in the house.


1.       Clear away clutter.

Although dusting and getting rid of fingerprints are important, it’s also important to consider the knick-knacks you have lying around the house. Having a few pictures frames on a mantel is acceptable; having a photo gallery on your mantel should be reconsidered. Take a close look at closet spaces and cabinets. If there isn’t enough room in the house to store all of your things, consider utilizing offsite storage temporarily or a nice relative’s garage.

2.       Go for neutral. Neutral style, neutral colors, neutral space.

The best style is what appeals to the largest number of potential buyers. Consider repainting rooms that have too bold colors. The neutral-color spectrum is endless, so don’t just think all white. With a more subdued color, the room and furniture are able to blend a little better. Always create a gender-neutral master bedroom. Symmetrical arrangements in commonly used rooms work best.

3.       Make sure items that will be sold with the house are in working condition.

Even down to the last blinking light bulb. If something small isn’t working, people will start to wonder what other things the homeowner might have overlooked.


4.      The home should be sparkling clean.

From beautiful mudless floors to pristine, dusted furniture, the house shouldn’t look like a college dorm room. The balance to find is between looking like a show-room versus clean and lived-in. With children, this step can be tricky, especially if the showing is rather last minute, but keeping a basket of toys instead of trucks and dolls spread around the room would be fine.


5.      Make the outside look as inviting as the inside.

First impressions are everything. If the front yard needs a serious cut or the weeds need to be pulled, potential buyers will notice. Simply doing a little landscaping or hanging a few flower pots off the porch can make all the difference. Make sure the entryway looks welcoming too. You don’t want guests to have to walk cautiously up to the front step for fear that they may be attacked by some insect or critter living in overgrown bushes.


6.        Stage the outside too.

With a few landscaping touches and the use of some cute picnic furniture, what you thought was a cramped backyard can easily look like a spacious, sprawling estate, perfect for summer parties. Also keep the seasons in mind when showing; pulling out some holiday decorations for the front yard is a nice touch.


7.       No offensive odors.

Ask for an unbiased opinion from a friend about the smell of your home, especially pet odors. Consider getting all rugs steam cleaned, which not only helps eliminate smells, but also cleans the carpet. There’s always the option of lighting a small candle or baking a batch of cookies before a showing.


Most importantly, remember that you’re trying to entice people to explore the entire house. You want to show them that there aren’t any awkward spaces, the closets provide plenty of storage, and people can live here comfortably. When you’re ready to seal the deal, call Re/Max Accent agent Maureen Bryant.