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Living in Richmond Hill Plantation

So far we’ve featured neighborhoods like Buckhead and Waterford Landing and told you all the reasons why they’re great places to live, but for folks and families looking for homes within town, Richmond Hill Plantation should be on your radar.

Location, Location, Location

With a rapidly growing city, there aren’t as many neighborhoods located within the heart of Richmond Hill. To be able to find a home in Richmond Hill Plantation puts you just under five minutes from the local Publix and two seconds from anything and everything you’d need in town.

This neighborhood is tucked away on one of the more well-known streets in town (the one that begins with a light and a Parker’s at the corner), so you’re within walking distance to plenty of shops and stores but secluded enough so you don’t hear the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life.

Of course, you can’t talk about location in Richmond Hill without mentioning how easy it is to access all things Savannah. With a house in town, you significantly reduce the commute to work, which may be the military bases just outside of town. Work aside, Savannah has not only the tourist attractions to lure new families to the area, but it also has all the perks of a rapidly growing city! (Foodies and shopaholics will fall in love with all that Historic Downtown has to offer; although, their wallets may have a different story to tell.)

School System

We’ve mentioned the stellar school system that Bryan County has, so a home in Richmond Hill Plantation means your children will grow up with an enviable education. For high school students, the school is within walking distance from home. For the youngsters, only a short bus ride separates home from school, which makes it very convenient for busy parents and for afternoons filled with after-school activities.

Recreational Fields

The entrance to Richmond Hill Plantation is located directly across the street from the city’s recreational center and one of Richmond Hill’s sports fields. Although this is technically another location benefit, these fields are a great draw for families with younger children. The rec center has plenty of options for baseball, softball, football, soccer, and basketball! (For other activities for kids all-year round, check out this blog post.)


Lastly, the neighborhood itself boasts its own selling points. A pool and playground mean plenty of fun times ahead for kids of all ages. Sidewalks line the streets for safe to-and-fro as well as the leisurely walk in the evenings (or the walk from the bus stop to home). In addition, the Home Owners Association helps the neighborhood maintain the shared spaces.

When it comes to Richmond Hill Plantation, perhaps the biggest selling point is simply convenience. You’re conveniently located in town. We could talk all day about the prime location in Richmond Hill city limits, so when you’re ready to set up an appointment to check out what’s on the market, give Maureen Bryant a call!