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3 Features Virtually All Homebuyers Are Looking For

Every person is unique, as is their dream house. When you’re selling your home, the trick will always be to aim in the direction of a generic dream home that can be molded to match anyone’s unique tastes.

In order to do this, you must first know what most homebuyers are looking for in their prospective purchases. Here are a few commonly desired features that you can accentuate so you can sell your home faster.

  1. Structural quality: While some people may consider making home renovations a good hobby to have, most potential buyers are looking for homes that require the least amount of work possible. The majority of buyers interested in purchasing brand new homes are attempting to avoid any renovations or problems with plumbing and electricity.

    For those willing to take the chance, they were often considering a better price at 32%. Making sure all of these problems are taken care of could make for a better selling price.
  2. Location: Location, location, location is a big factor for homebuyers. No one wants an hour long commute to work everyday, or wants to add on another hour to pick the kids up from school. In fact, the median distance between homes that buyers recently purchased and where they moved from was only about 14 miles.

    Accentuating prominent landmarks or other popular geographic locations is a good way to attract more localized homebuyers. You could also capitalize on good schools or other beneficial institutions in close proximity to grab the attention of buyers looking for a different setting.
  3. Accessibility: Obviously buyers would like to see a home before they make any decisions. However, that’s not always easy. Online real estate services make this much easier by allowing home sellers to post pictures, descriptions, and real estate pricing on websites for buyers. Around 42% of recent buyers actually went first to online real estate listings, while 14% went to real estate agents.

All homebuyers are unique, but certain wants and needs are universal. Making sure the essentials are openly visible to the market can attract a wide array of interested parties. If you post it, buyers will come.